Penny for Your Secrets (A Verity Kent Mystery)

Written by Anna Lee Huber
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Husband and wife team, Sidney and Verity Kent, are back in action in this third installment of Huber’s excellent mystery series. It is now September 1919, and the Kents have settled comfortably back into life after the Great War, dining with friends and dancing their nights away, trying to blot out the lasting effects of war. When Lord Rockham, husband to Verity’s friend, Ada, is murdered and she’s suspected, Verity is soon on the case to prove her friend’s innocence. Then, a former Intelligence colleague seeks a favor from Verity. Convinced her sister has not died by accident, Irene Shaw asks Verity to investigate. The Kents are quickly drawn into a plot of intrigue, murder, romance, and even a wartime shipwreck with a missing crew. Verity revisits old work colleagues as the couple follows the clues from drawing rooms to seaside caves.

I continue to be enchanted with the Kents. Huber does such a marvelous job bringing out the realities of marriage, both its joys and its difficulties. While the war has been over for a bit now, the struggles are still very real. Sidney feels survivor’s guilt, while Verity struggles with patience, and returning to everyday society life. The mystery is equally gripping, with many different twists and turns. This is a fine historical mystery series that will not disappoint.