Peerless Theodosia (Reprise)

Written by Rebecca Baldwin
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

England and the United States are at war. An overzealous British lieutenant has stopped a ship flying under a neutral flag and taken into custody two young Americans who were sailing home to New York. They are the son and daughter of an American senator who is in Ghent negotiating a peace treaty with England. One of the English negotiators, a good friend of the senator, asks his wife to harbor the siblings as a way to soften the blow that they are prisoners of war. The daughter is the Peerless Theodosia of the title.

I found this Regency to be delightful. The plot was unusual, the characters were well drawn, if a bit formulaic, and not absolutely everything turned out exactly as I expected. This is one of Regency Press’s Reprise books—a line that is returning previously published books to print. Peerless Theodosia first saw print in 1980, and certainly deserves being brought to the attention of new readers. Rebecca Baldwin is Helen Chappell, author of the Sam and Hollis mysteries.