Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

Reign of the Marionettes

By Sheena MacLeod - Published 2016


This historically charged novel takes place during the late 17thcentury counter-reformation under Charles II. The Duke of York, his heir, has converted to ...Read Review

The Soldier’s Return

By Laura Libricz - Published 2017



Germany, 1636, and the Thirty Years’ War is raging in central Europe between Protestants and Catholics. It is also dividing the loyalties of people ...Read Review

This Deceitful Light

By Jemahl Evans - Published 2017



This book, set against the English Civil War, begins with the Battle of Newbury in 1643. The plot includes the murder of a young ...Read Review

The Three Musketeers

By Alexandre Dumas - By Lawrence Ellsworth (trans.) - Published 2018



Lawrence Ellsworth provides a vibrant, modern-day English translation of the classic high adventure, The Three Musketeers, first released by Alexandre Dumas in serial ...Read Review

Blood’s Game

By Angus Donald - Published 2017



Having successfully reimagined Robin Hood in the bestselling Outlaw Chronicles, Angus Donald turns his storytelling talents to Restoration London and the internecine rivalries ...Read Review

Traitor’s Knot

By Cryssa Bazos - Published 2017


Elizabeth Seton is shunned as a traitor’s daughter after her father’s actions in the English Civil War, and her mother’s ...Read Review

Windigo Moon: A Novel of Native America

By Robert Downes - Published 2017


This late 16th-century love story is interwoven in the history and culture of one Ojibwe clan. Ashagi is a young Ojibwe woman whose ...Read Review

Publish and Perish

By Anna Castle - Published 2017



It is an art to bring the past to life, an art at which Ms Castle excels. Through a myriad of small details, ...Read Review

The Assassin of Verona

By Benet Brandreth - Published 2017


Venice. Three players, Oldcastle, Hemminges and young William Shakespeare, disguised as the English ambassador and his servants, have discovered a Papal plot against ...Read Review

Season of Blood

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2018



The medieval mystery subgenre is flooded with similar stories, characters that often blend into one another, and settings that are sometimes indistinguishable from ...Read Review