Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

A Million Drops

By Lisa Dillman (trans.) - By Víctor del Árbol - Published 2018



“Nobody wants to be sent off to freeze to death in Siberia. So the police make up any damn excuse to send them ...Read Review

On the Homefront

By Barb Warner Deane - Published 2017


Though many novels have been written about the exploits of the American military in World War II, few provide an intimate picture of ...Read Review

A Promise Given

By Michelle Cox - Published 2018


A Promise Given is an entertaining romp through the social mores of 1930s Chicago and England, with the American upper crust proving themselves ...Read Review

If These Walls Could Talk

By James D. Crownover - Published 2018



In 1918, the great influenza epidemic is sweeping the world. Young ranch hands Silent Cooper and Dempsey Nealy are sent to an abandoned ranch ...Read Review

Woman of the Ashes

By David Brookshaw (trans.) - By Mia Couto - Published 2018



The introduction to this tale of the end of independence for the country then called Gaza (now Mozambique) is emblematic of its gradual ...Read Review

Invitation to a Bonfire

By Adrienne Celt - Published 2018



Opening with a hint of mystery, this literary novel unfolds through letters, detailed diary entries, and other documents that provide the backstory and ...Read Review

A Long Way from Home

By Peter Carey - Published 2018


In 1953, Irene Bobs and her husband, Titch, leave their young children at home to enter the brutal Australian open road race known as ...Read Review

A Dangerous Legacy

By Elizabeth Camden - Published 2018



New York City, 1903, is an exciting time with advancements in technology, and Lucy Drake is no stranger to the marvels of the new ...Read Review

Gods of Howl Mountain

By Taylor Brown - Published 2018



The Korean War was unforgiving, particularly for the United States, whose forces were exceptionally unequipped, unprepared, and inadequately trained. Rory Docherty returns to ...Read Review

The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place

By Alan Bradley - Published 2018



This is the latest installment in the very popular history mystery series starring adolescent sleuth, pre-teen and chemistry whiz Flavia de Luce, set ...Read Review