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By James Jackson - Published 2018


It is 1607, and King James I of England is courting favour with the Spanish king, Philip III, to avoid another war. However, King ...Read Review

The Chef’s Secret

By Crystal King - Published 2019


Renaissance Italy, 1577. Bartolomeo Scappi has died. The famed chef of several popes and orchestrator of the most lavish banquets known to Rome, Scappi ...Read Review

Saint Michael’s Sword: Tip of the Blade

By Cris Harding - Published 2018


Saint Michael’s Sword: Tip of the Blade by Cris Harding is set in 9th-century France during an era undergoing tumultuous change with ...Read Review

Perpetua’s Kin

By M. Allen Cunningham - Published 2018



Perpetua’s Kin takes readers on a journey from the western theater of the Civil War to 1940s San Francisco as it traces ...Read Review

Major Tom’s War

By Vee Walker - Published 2018


The story begins with disparate characters and countries. The Tom of the title is in India but on his way back to a ...Read Review

The G.I. Bride

By Eileen Ramsay - Published 2018



London, 1941. Trainee nurse April Harvey is devastated by the death of her widower father in an air raid, and uncertain about the intentions ...Read Review

Mrs Cox: Crime Grant Finalist

By Jan Moore - Published 2019


Tensions over the failed gunpowder plot of 1605 are still fresh in the minds of the people of London. So when an elderly woman ...Read Review

Bone Talk

By Candy Gourlay - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

In this wonderful and unusual novel, Candy Gourlay sets out to give a voice to the people of the Philippines, where she grew ...Read Review

Frontline Nurses

By Holly Green - Published 2018



Leonora Malham Brown and her friend Victoria, members of FANY (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry), travel to Bulgaria in the midst of the First ...Read Review

The Lines We Leave Behind

By Eliza Graham - Published 2018


The Lines We Leave Behind tells a rare story, that of a female operative in Yugoslavia during World War II. She tells her ...Read Review