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Skylark and Wallcreeper

By Anne O Carelli - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

When Lily’s grandmother, Collette, has to be evacuated from her nursing home in Queens due to superstorm Sandy, Collette demands that Lily ...Read Review

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

By Andrew Marshall - By Rob Grant - Published 2018


Great Britain in 1952, although few have noticed that it has been the same year for 65 years. People like the reassuring familiarity of class ...Read Review

Playing with Fire: A 1960s British Mystery (Kate O’Donnell Mystery)

By Patricia Hall - Published 2018



Set in 1960s Soho London, Playing with Fire will be of more interest to fans of standard detective fare than historical fiction. Detective ...Read Review

The Empire Girls

By Sue Wilsher - Published 2018



1950s south Essex. This is the dramatic story of Doris, brought up in The Empire, a boarding house in Tilbury by her mother, ...Read Review

The Collector’s Apprentice

By B.A. Shapiro - Published 2018



This compelling novel encompasses romance, betrayal, fraud, and manipulation in the world of fine art during the early 20th century. The novel’s ...Read Review

The Ocean Liner

By Marius Gabriel - Published 2018



When American liner SS Manhattan sets sail for New York from war-torn Europe in 1939, it is crammed with refugees and returning Americans. Jewish ...Read Review

A Missed Murder: A Tudor Mystery (Bloody Mary Mystery)

By MICHAEL JECKS - Published 2018



Jack Blackjack is an assassin working for the historic John Blount, although Jack is squeamish around blood. He became an assassin because he ...Read Review

A Redoubtable Citadel: a novel of Wellington’s army from Ciudad Rodrigo to Badajoz (The Peninsular War Saga Book 4)

By Lynn Bryant - Published 2017-09-07



Colonel Paul van Daan of the 110th Infantry is a favorite of Lord Wellington. He is also unconventional, which makes him well loved ...Read Review

Nevertheless She Persisted

By Jon Walter - Published 2018


Clara and Nancy have managed to escape their violent and abusive father, but not before Nancy has faced an unwanted pregnancy, a painful ...Read Review

Another Ocean to Cross

By Ann Griffin - Published 2018


This is the remarkable story of Renata, a Jewish woman who manages to escape Germany in 1938. It follows her journey via Italy and ...Read Review