Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

Mood Indigo

By Ed Ifkovic - Published 2018



As 1932 ends, award-winning novelist and playwright Edna Ferber attends Noel Coward’s extravagant birthday party. The room is full of New York’s ...Read Review

The Sparsholt Affair

By Alan Hollinghurst - Published 2017Published 2018


Art rushes in where society fears to tread. In the 1940s, a group of young men watch from the windows of their Oxford ...Read Review

Secrets of the East End Angels

By Rosie Hendry - Published 2018


This is the second in the series, continuing the adventures of the three young women— Bella, Frankie and Winnie—who are part of ...Read Review

The Woman at 1,000 Degrees

By Brian Fitzgibbon (trans.) - By Hallgrímur Helgason - Published 2018



Whilst telephone-canvassing during the 2006 Icelandic municipal elections, the author encountered an opinionated, irascible, mischievous old lady who had been living alone in a ...Read Review

The Soul of a Thief

By Steven Hartov - Published 2018



“In the spring of 1944, I realized I was not going to survive the war.” With this simple sentence, The Soul of a Thief ...Read Review


By Minrose Gwin - Published 2018


Promise is set in 1936 in Tupelo, Mississippi on the day of, and the days following, a devastating tornado. Following the parallel stories of ...Read Review

The Vain Conversation

By Anthony Grooms - Published 2018



The Vain Conversation is based on a lynching: in 1946 two African-American couples, including a pregnant woman, were brutally murdered in Walton County, Georgia ...Read Review

The Home for Unwanted Girls

By Joanna Goodman - Published 2018


It’s post-WWII, and in Québec there are two opposing factions: French Canadians and British Canadians. Rarely do the communities mix; however, ...Read Review

The Last Man in Europe

By Dennis Glover - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Eric Blair, known to the world by his pen name, George Orwell, spent his youthful journalistic career writing about England’s working class. ...Read Review

The Good Doctor of Warsaw

By Elisabeth Gifford - Published 2017


This gripping true love story about a young Polish Jewish couple is set in Nazi-occupied Warsaw. Misha and Sophia meet at a lecture ...Read Review