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The Songs We Hide

By Connie Hampton Connally - Published 2018


Budapest, 1951. Katalin Varga is an unwed mother with a beautiful singing voice, but she hasn’t sung publicly since Róbert, the father ...Read Review

Beautiful Exiles

By Meg Waite Clayton - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Although other stories of Ernest Hemingway abound, this tale told in first-person narrative by wife number three, Martha Gellhorn, explores her life as ...Read Review

The Lace Weaver

By Lauren Chater - Published 2018


Just as the gossamer threads of Estonian shawls are woven into intricate symbolic patterns, so too is this story of two young women ...Read Review

The Sacco Gang

By Andrea Camilleri - By Stephen Sartarelli (trans.) - Published 2018



Camilleri is one of Italy’s most prominent writers, with books in his Montalbano crime series frequently listed as New York Times bestsellers. ...Read Review

The Seamstress of Ourfa

By Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss - Published 2018



This beautiful book is the first of a trilogy focussing on four generations of Armenian women. The author has based the story on ...Read Review

The Moment Before Drowning

By James Brydon - Published 2018



When Captain Jacques le Garrec returns to his native Brittany in December 1959, his arrival creates a stir, as a former Resistance hero and ...Read Review

Lady Be Good

By Amber Brock - Published 2018


It’s 1953, and Kitty Tessler, daughter of a self-made hotel and night-club millionaire, has a problem. She’s in her twenties, single, and ...Read Review

A Sister’s Bond

By Kay Brellend - Published 2018


This book starts off with a bang and launches the reader into its world as violent father, Tommy Bone, attempts to catch his ...Read Review

The Lost Family

By Jenna Blum - Published 2018


Peter Rashkin is the handsome owner and chef of Masha’s, the place to eat, and be seen eating, in 1965 New York City. ...Read Review

The Honourable Thief

By Meaghan Wilson Anastasios - Published 2018



The Honourable Thief, Anastasios’ first solo novel, draws extensively on her personal experience as an art historian and archaeologist in the Mediterranean and ...Read Review