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Only This Beautiful Moment

By Abdi Nazemian - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Only This Beautiful Moment is a book that lives up to its name – it’s one big, beautiful moment of reading about three ...Read Review

The Climbing Boys

By Ann Murtagh - Published 2023


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Written as a tale of adventure, this is an accomplished novel that deals with class, gender, employment and welfare issues for children in ...Read Review

Code Name Kingfisher

By Liz Kessler - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Amsterdam, 1942.  A boy crawls into a concealed compartment behind a kitchen cupboard.  There, he waits, alone in the dark. In the present day, ...Read Review

Double Lives (A Lexington, Alabama Novel)

By Mary Monroe - Published 2024


Twin sisters Fiona and Leona, two Black girls growing up in the South during the early 20th century, look so much alike even ...Read Review

Dance A Fearful Jig

By Alison Huntingford - Published 2024


Peterborough, 1807: Plain, middle-aged, illiterate, and introverted Rachel Alderman, a brickmaker’s daughter, has few options in life as an unmarried woman. After a ...Read Review

The Song of Sourwood Mountain

By Ann H. Gabhart - Published 2024


Inspirational Romance

In 1910, Mira Dean is teaching in Louisville when preacher Gordon Covington comes to town to talk about his mission work in the Appalachian ...Read Review

Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade

By Janet Skeslien Charles - Published 2024


Following on her best-selling The Paris Library, Charles returns to the book stacks for a dual-timeline novel centered on the Great War and ...Read Review

The Vicar and the Village Scandal (Allen Abbey Romances Book 3)

By Rosanne E. Lortz - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

When his cousin offers him the living of Allenham Church, Thomas Allen is surprised. His past conduct towards Crispin and his wife Eloise ...Read Review

Glorious Exploits

By Ferdia Lennon - Published 2024



It is 412 BCE, and Athens is losing the Peloponnesian War, while in Sicily the city of Syracuse is rising. Gelon and Lampo, two ...Read Review

Highland Surrender (Sons of Sinclair, 5)

By Heather McCollum - Published 2023



When Norse warrior Erik Halverson lands in Scotland with his band of Wolf Warriors, he has a mission: abduct Hannah Sinclair on the ...Read Review