Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

Peculiar Ground

By Lucy Hughes-Hallett - Published 2017Published 2018


Set in both the 1660s and the 1960s, this debut novel explores the workings of a fictional English manor house called Wychwood. In ...Read Review

The Silver Well

By Kate Forsyth - By Kim Wilkins - Published 2017


Short Stories

Many of the world’s mystical places have remained so for centuries, even millennia. In this absorbing collection, the authors present seven stories, ...Read Review

I’ll Be Your Blue Sky

By Marisa de los Santos - Published 2018


Clare Hobbes is about to marry the man of her dreams, or so she thinks. But just before the wedding, she has a ...Read Review

The Naturalist’s Daughter

By Tea Cooper - Published 2017


Tea Cooper’s seventh historical fiction novel set in colonial Australia, The Naturalist’s Daughter tells the stories of two young women one ...Read Review

Time’s Betrayal

By David Adams Cleveland - Published 2017



This novel covers four generations of the Alden family from the Civil War through the 20th century. It opens in 1965, when Peter is ...Read Review

The Cloister

By James Carroll - Published 2018


This dual-time period story alternates between the 12th century and the 1950s to tell two tales linked by a tolerance for Jews unusual ...Read Review

Secret Shores

By Ella Carey - Published 2017


Tess Miller, a book editor in 1987 New York, is shocked when her boss pulls her from working with her top client to editing ...Read Review

The Tuscan Child

By Rhys Bowen - Published 2018


Set against the backdrop of the Tuscan hills of Italy, this story is told through dual narrators. One is Hugo Langley, a British ...Read Review

The Silver Music Box

By Alison Layland (trans.) - By Mina Baites - Published 2017


This novel spans multiple generations, numerous geographic locations, and two world wars, all tied together by an exquisite silver music box. The early ...Read Review

Seasons of the Moon

By Julien Aranda - By Roland Glasser (trans.) - Published 2017


In 1929, Paul Vertune is born into a poor farm family on France’s North Atlantic coast. Seasons of The Moon follows the seasons ...Read Review