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This is 64

By Joseph Connelly - Published 2017



Joseph Connolly has written a typically anarchic and entertaining novel of one George Reilly, who is aged just 19 in 1964 and living in a ...Read Review

Freedom’s Ring

By Heidi Chiavaroli - Published 2017



The story alternates between present day and the 1770s in this inspirational novel. Anaya feels a tremendous burden of guilt after she is ...Read Review

The Wilding Sisters

By Eve Chase - Published 2017



The Wilding Sisters is an artful, dual-period mystery set in 1959 and 2009. It takes place both in London and in the gorgeous English countryside. ...Read Review

A Certain Persuasion: Modern LGBTQ+ Fiction Inspired by Jane Austen’s Novels

By Andrea Demetrius - By Julie Bozza - By Sam Evans - Published 2016


Thirteen stories from eleven authors explore the world of Jane Austen with gender identity twists. Darcys abound, both in period and modern-day. Even ...Read Review

A Good Girl

By Johnnie Bernhard - Published 2017


In 2015, 52-year-old Gracey Reiter drives from Mississippi to south Texas along I-10, the “umbilical cord leading her home.” She’s visiting her widowed ...Read Review

Barren Island

By Carol Zoref - Published 2017



This riveting book, which won the AWP Prize for the Novel, tells the unforgettable story of a group of immigrant families living on ...Read Review

When the Future Comes Too Soon

By Selina Siak Chin Yoke - Published 2017


The matriarch of the Chye Hoon family has died, and now it is her daughter-in-law, Mei Foong, and her husband, Weng Yu, who ...Read Review

All the Best People

By Sonja Yoerg - Published 2017


In Vermont in the late 1920s, Solange was a young woman who fell in love, married, and had a baby. Her husband was ...Read Review

Fraulein M.

By Caroline Woods - Published 2017


Berni and Grete Metzger live at St. Luisa’s Home for Girls; for Berni, the deprivation and rules leave her longing for an ...Read Review

Jarulan by the River

By Lily Woodhouse - Published 2017


Matthew Fenchurch owns Jarulan, a mansion in the north of New South Wales. His wife, Min, has died, and his elder son, Llew, ...Read Review