Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

The Walworth Beauty

By Michèle Roberts - Published 2017


This is a beautifully written dual-timeline novel with ghostly overtones. The two stories are linked primarily by location. In 2011 London, Madeleine, a retired ...Read Review

The Prague Sonata

By Beatriz - By Bradford Morrow - By Deborah Blum - Published 2017Published 2017-05-01



In 1939, the Nazis invade Prague and begin looting Czechoslovakia’s cultural treasures. Otylie Bártošova watches in dread, wondering how to protect ...Read Review

The Book of Archives and Other Stories from the Mora Valley, New Mexico

By A. Gabriel Meléndez - Published 2017


Short StoriesWestern

This collection of 42 short stories covers the period from 1835 until the present day, with the first half of the book written in English ...Read Review

The Murderer’s Maid: A Lizzie Borden Novel

By Erika Mailman - Published 2017


Erika Mailman brings to life the story of the Borden murders, inflating new life into the oft-told tale by using the perspective of ...Read Review

By Light of Hidden Candles

By Daniella Levy - Published 2017


Entertaining, culturally rich, and fearless in speaking of complex theological questions, American-Israeli author Levy’s debut novel delves into the history of Spain’...Read Review

A Tangled Mercy

By Joy Jordan-Lake - Published 2017



Past and present meld together in this absolutely riveting novel, based on a real-life slave revolt plot in pre-Civil War Charleston, South Carolina. ...Read Review

Court of Lions

By Jane Johnson - Published 2017Published 2018


In the last decade of the 15th century, a scrap of paper containing a mysterious message was hidden in a wall in the ...Read Review

The Shadow District

By Arnaldur Indridason - By Victoria Cribb (trans.) - Published 2017



Retired detective Konrád is contacted by his former partner in the Reykjavik CID about the death of 90-year old Stefán Thordarson, ...Read Review

The Writing Desk

By Rachel Hauck - Published 2017



Dreaming is as natural as breathing; it takes phenomenal courage and persistence to forge ahead to make a dream reality. Birdie Shehorn was ...Read Review

The Cottingley Secret

By Hazel Gaynor - Published 2017Published 2018


In 1917, nine-year-old Frances Griffiths and her mother arrive in Cottingley, Yorkshire, from South Africa, to stay with her aunt, uncle and cousin Elsie ...Read Review