Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

The Cavalier Historian

By Dorinda Balchin - Published 2016Published 2016-11-01



Robert Hardwick has been hired to help develop an English Civil War-period themed attraction at Marston Manor. While paging through a family Bible ...Read Review

Envoy of Jerusalem: Balian d’Ibelin and the Third Crusade (Balian d’Ibelin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem)

By Helena P. Schrader - Published 2016Published 2016-08-01


Biographical Fiction

This is the third in Schrader’s biographical trilogy about Balian d’Ibelin and the death-throes of the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. Previously ...Read Review

The Earth Is Weeping

By Peter Cozzens - Published 2016Published 2017



This is surely the definitive work on the Indian Wars in the American West (i.e. west of the Mississippi) from the end ...Read Review

My Fellow Soldiers: General John Pershing and the Americans Who Helped Win the Great War

By Andrew Carroll - Published 2017



Illuminating first-hand letters and diaries, including some newly discovered, enable the author to credibly deliver another historical non-fiction masterpiece. This book focuses on ...Read Review

The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard

By Ivan Chistyakov - Published 2016



The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard is a faithful translation of the diary kept by Ivan Chistyakov, a Russian gulag prison guard ...Read Review

England’s Cathedrals

By Simon Jenkins - Published 2016



As a companion piece to his successful England’s Thousand Best Churches, the author has produced a guide to the cathedrals of England: 42 ...Read Review

1924: The Year that Made Hitler

By Peter Ross Range - Published 2016



While most books about Hitler focus on WWII, Range’s book focuses primarily on a single, pivotal year. This year could have been ...Read Review

East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity

By Philippe Sands - Published 2016



This is an erudite and well-written account of how, during and after the mostly German-committed atrocities in Europe in World War Two, the ...Read Review

So High a Blood: The Story of Margaret Douglas, the Tudor that Time Forgot

By Morgan Ring - Published 2017



Margaret Douglas was Henry VIII’s niece. At age fifteen, he invited her to his Christmas court. She became a lady in waiting ...Read Review

What the Raven Brings

By John Owen Theobald - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultMilitary

Second in the Ravenmaster trilogy, this novel continues on from These Dark Wings, the story of Anna and Timothy, residents of the Tower ...Read Review