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Bent Tree Bride

By Denise Weimer - Published 2021



Set during the War of 1812, this is the story of Cherokee soldier Sam Hicks and Susanna Moore, the daughter of his American commander. ...Read Review

The Miller’s Daughter

By Elizabeth Gill - Published 2021



1861, County Durham. When Mary is ten, her father, the village miller, walks out, leaving his wife and four children destitute. Mary’s mother ...Read Review

Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna

By Alda P. Dobbs - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

1913 Mexico. Petra Luna’s mother died in childbirth. Her father was forced to either join the Federales, the government army of tyrant Victoriano ...Read Review

The Wind Chime (Timeshift Victorian Mysteries)

By Alexandra Walsh - Published 2021



In Windsor, England, in 2019, Amelia is completely without family, having lost her daughter and then her parents to serious illness. Without any surviving ...Read Review

The House of Ashes

By Stuart Neville - Published 2021



Some secrets refuse to stay buried for a couple in Northern Ireland when a mysterious old woman shatters the fragility of their new ...Read Review

Dovetails in Tall Grass

By Samantha Specks - Published 2021


The personal stories of two young women representing clashing cultures, white settlers and Native Americans, are told in two viewpoints. We meet Emma ...Read Review

Down a Dark River (An Inspector Corravan Mystery)

By Karen Odden - Published 2021



Set in London in 1878, this mystery novel introduces a new Scotland Yard detective—Inspector Michael Corravan. Much of this novel serves as an ...Read Review

Her Heart for a Compass: A Novel

By Marguerite Kaye - By Sarah Ferguson - Published 2021


It is all arranged. Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott, second daughter of the Duke of Buccleuch, is expected to make a most propitious ...Read Review

SISILIAN PRINSESSA (“The Sicilian Princess”)

By Jukka M. Heikkilä - Published 2021


This novel, written in Finnish, is set in the period 310-240 BC, when great political powers contended for dominance in the Mediterranean and ...Read Review


By Alison MacLeod - Published 2021


Biographical FictionLiterary

D.H. Lawrence, Jackie Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover might seem unlikely bedfellows, but in this wonderfully compelling novel, their stories are interwoven ...Read Review