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The Hidden Room

By Barbara Durbin - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

The Hidden Room follows a Ukrainian family hiding from the Nazis during the last year of World War II. Jacob, his parents, sister ...Read Review

The Call of the Cormorant

By Donald S. Murray - Published 2022



Subtitled “An Unreliable Biography,” this indeed tells the story of a most unreliable and slippery artist, Karl Einarsson. Born in Iceland, he grows ...Read Review

John Agard’s Windrush Child

By John Agard - By Sophie Bass (illus.) - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

The arrival in Britain of people from the Caribbean on the ship the Empire Windrush has been the subject of several recent picture ...Read Review

The Prisoner and the Writer

By Heather Camlot - By Sophie Casson (illus.) - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Captain Alfred Dreyfus, wrongly accused of treason by the French government in 1894, was imprisoned on Devil’s Island, off the South American coast. ...Read Review


By Simon Mawer - Published 2022


Recent years have seen the growing popularity of what is generally known as auto-fiction, in which the writer utilizes elements of his or ...Read Review

The Garden of Angels

By David Hewson - Published 2022


Venice was occupied by the Germans in WW2 for only 20 months (September 1943 to April 1945), but the occupation lay heavily upon the city. The ...Read Review

A Truth to Lie For: An Elena Standish Novel

By Anne Perry - Published 2022



It is 1934, and Britain’s MI6 recognizes that something unfathomable is evolving in Germany as they witness the rise of Adolf Hitler. In ...Read Review

A Mother’s Fight (The Lancashire Girls Book 2)

By Libby Ashworth - Published 2022



1818 Bolton. This second book of The Lancashire Girls series follows Hannah’s struggles to feed her three children. The impoverished wife of a ...Read Review

Frances Finkel and the Passenger Pigeon

By D.M. Mahoney - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

By November 1941, 17-year-old Frances Finkel has logged more than 2500 hours flying airplanes and has become an expert aircraft mechanic. Her father owns a ...Read Review

At the Breakfast Table

By Betsy Göksel (trans.) - By Defne Suman - Published 2022


Defne Suman is the author of The Silence of Scheherazade, a powerful story about the last days of the Ottoman Empire and the ...Read Review