Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

In Times of Rain and War

By Camron Wright - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

In 1940, a young German Jewish girl named Audrey Stocking is hiding in England with her aunt Claire during the Luftwaffe Blitz on London. ...Read Review

A Remedy In Time

By Jennifer Macaire - Published 2021



Time travel is nonsense, but with Jennifer Macaire it is always entertaining nonsense, and she makes it seem almost credible. Whereas with other ...Read Review


By Ben Kane - Published 2021



In this sequel to Lionheart, Ben Kane again shows that he knows his new era inside out and can tell a wonderful story. ...Read Review

The Last Green Valley

By Mark Sullivan - Published 2021


It’s a question of survival in 1944 as Emil and Adeline Martel forge west with their two young sons, fleeing Stalin under the ...Read Review

A Cowboy of Legend (Lone Star Legends 1)

By Linda Broday - Published 2021



Pretty blue-eyed, blond-haired Grace Legend, daughter of Houston Legend, meets broad-shouldered, roguish-looking Deacon Brannock, stubble-jawed, his shirt unbuttoned. Grace is a leader of ...Read Review

Rise of a Champion (Legend of the Cid)

By Stuart Rudge - Published 2020



Antonio Perez is the younger son of a brave knight and warlord, but he prefers to study holy texts and contemplate the world ...Read Review

Root Magic

By Eden Royce - Published 2021


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

Root Magic begins with eleven-year-old Jezebel Turner at her grandmother’s burial in 1963 in the marshy South Carolina Lowcountry, along with her twin, ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Fire

By Hervé Le Corre - Published 2021



This elegant novel details both the mundane and horrific details of revolution and war. Nicolas, Red, and Adrian are three soldiers in the ...Read Review

The French House

By Helen Fripp - Published 2021


After falling in love and marrying François, the scion of the Clicquot champagne estate in 1798, 21-year-old Nicole Ponsardin schools herself in the ...Read Review

The Pulse of His Soul

By Ora Smith - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Genealogist Smith novelizes the life of John Lothropp, a Separatist minister who broke with the Anglican Church and became a forgotten Founding Father: ...Read Review