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I Am of Irelaunde: A Novel of Patrick and Osian

By Juilene Osborne-McKnight - Published 2000



Returning at age forty to the place of his enslavement by Irish slave traders at the age of sixteen, Patrick struggles to understand ...Read Review

The Words of Bernfrieda: A Chronicle of Hauteville

By Gabriella Brooke - Published 1999


Biographical Fiction

“The past is interesting only when it foreshadows greatness,” explains the monk Gaufredus Malaterra to this novel’s narrator, Bernfrieda, who questions why ...Read Review

Awen: A Novel of Early Medieval Wales

By Susan Mayse - Published 1997


Biographical FictionEpic

May 4th, 793 AD.  Cynfarch mab Cadeyrn Penllyn, called Brys, appears for trial in the court of his foster father, Brochfael King of Powys. ...Read Review