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By Eilish Quin - Published 2024



Quin’s Medea joins the current renaissance of retellings that recast the stories of maligned or ignored women from Greek mythology. Redeeming Medea, ...Read Review

Most Ardently: A Pride & Prejudice Remix (Remixed Classics, 9)

By Gabe Cole Novoa - Published 2024


Children/Young Adult

As someone whose favorite required reading of senior year was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I was more than excited to get ...Read Review

The Last Man: A Novel of the 1927 Santa Claus Bank Robbery

By Thomas Goodman - Published 2023


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

At first glance, The Last Man would appear to be a simple re-enactment of a bank robbery that occurred in Texas in 1927, conducted ...Read Review

No Better Time

By Sheila Williams - Published 2024


When the United States enters World War II, Dorothy Thom, a librarian at Atlanta’s Spelman College, and Lelia Branch, a single mother ...Read Review

Token of Betrayal (Roses & Rebels Book 1)

By C.V. Lee - Published 2022



Jersey seems like a haven from the turmoil of war until an insider permits the French to seize the island fortress one night ...Read Review

The Rebel’s Niece (Significant Events in Ancient Jewish History)

By Shimon Avish - Published 2023


Living with her husband, Jacob, and their two daughters in Galilee in 67 CE, Sarah cherishes her peaceful life—one that she deserves, having ...Read Review

Unspoken (UK) / An American Story (US)

By Kwame Alexander - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Kwame Alexander is celebrated for his contemporary verse novels that explore the feelings of Black boys, their family relationships and friendships, and love ...Read Review

The Storm We Made

By Vanessa Chan - Published 2024


Malaya, 1935. Cecily’s husband is a minor civil servant who admires the British he kowtows to, but Cecily despises them. When the chance ...Read Review

The Goddess of Shipwrecked Sailors: A Lizzie Crane Mystery

By Skye Alexander - Published 2023



In this third installment of the author’s Lizzie Crane series, the heroine and her band are hired to play for a wealthy ...Read Review

A Message from Carnegie

By David Milofsky - Published 2023


Tim Cullen lives a slacker’s life in 1890s New York. He spends his days halfheartedly attending law school, and his nights drinking ...Read Review