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Paradise Alley

By Kevin Baker - Published 2002


Five days during the draft riots of the Civil War are realistically recreated in this bold historical novel. Excellent writing skills draw readers ...Read Review

Eleazar, Exodus To The West

By Michel Tournier - Published 2002



This novella retells the Biblical story of Moses leading the Exodus out of Egypt, with a setting in 19th Century Ireland followed by ...Read Review

God’s Fool

By Mark Slouka - Published 2002


Biographical FictionLiterary

Chang and Eng were the original Siamese twins. Born conjoined in Siam in 1811, they went on to become a household word. God’s ...Read Review

Disquiet Heart

By Randall Silvis - Published 2002



Joining the ranks of Stephanie Barron (the Jane Austen mysteries) and Sharon Kay Penman (the medieval mysteries), Randall Silvis has embarked on a ...Read Review

All That Lives

By Melissa Sanders-Self - Published 2002


All That Lives begins in 1815 with a short, eerie chapter telling “how it began.” The “it” in question is the curious story of ...Read Review

The Book Of Shadows

By James Reese - Published 2002


Reese has wrought a tale of old century gothic combined with an Anne Rice-ish erotica, which is a catalyst for his small cast ...Read Review

The Bartered Bride

By Mary Jo Putney - Published 2002



This novel, joining The Wild Child and The China Bride as the final installment in the Bride Trilogy, combines passion with suspense as ...Read Review

Rivers Of Gold

By Tracie Peterson - Published 2002



Miranda Colton awakens in a stranger’s cabin after being washed overboard on a trip to the Yukon in 1898. During her recuperation, the ...Read Review

The White Crow

By Cynthia Peale - Published 2002



The belief in spiritualism has found a ready audience amongst the upper echelons of society in late nineteenth century Boston. Having lost her ...Read Review

Symptoms Of Death

By Paula Paul - Published 2002



The time period of this first mystery solved by Dr. Alexandra Gladstone is never stated, but it’s definitely England, and a reference ...Read Review