Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

Odysseus: A Life

By Charles Rowan Beye - Published 2004



In Odysseus: A Life, acclaimed classical scholar and professor emeritus at the City University of New York Charles Rowan Beye creates a “biography” ...Read Review

Second Touch: A.D. Chronicles Book Two

By Bodie & Brock Thoene - Published 2004



The second in the Thoenes’ latest series, Second Touch returns to the days of Christ’s ministry and the religious and political turmoil ...Read Review

The Gate of Heaven

By Gilbert Morris - Published 2004



In The Gate of Heaven (3rd in the Lions of Judah series), the prolific Morris has penned an involving and pleasurable retelling of ...Read Review

The Heavens Before

By Kacy Barnett-Gramckow - Published 2003



The first of a trilogy, this novel provides a plausible look at life on Earth just before the Great Flood, as well as ...Read Review

The War of the Crowns: Queen of Freedom v.2

By Christian Jacq - Published 2003Published 2004


Biographical FictionMilitarySaga

Continuing the saga of Queen Ahotep’s battle to overthrow the foreign domination of the Hyskos conquerors, The War of the Crowns returns ...Read Review

Cleopatra Dismounts

By Carmen Boullosa - By tr. Geoff Hargreaves - Published 2003


Biographical FictionFantasy

Three long sections narrated by Cleopatra are framed by briefer sections told by her scribe Diomedes. In the first narrative, Antony has just ...Read Review

When it was our War: A Soldier’s Wife on the Home Front

By Stella Suberman - Published 2003



A sequel to The Jew Store (1998), this chatty and delightful memoir, filled with authentic period detail, chronicles the life of a small-town Southern ...Read Review

Earthbound and Heavenbent: Elizabeth Porter Phelps and Life at Forty Acres (1747 – 1817)

By Elizabeth Pendergrast Carlisle - Published 2004



A contemporary of nation-makers, Elizabeth Porter Phelps lived in her family’s house for all but the first five of her 70 years, keeping ...Read Review

The Great Pretenders: The True Stories Behind Famous Historical Mysteries

By Jan Bondeson - Published 2004



In his examination of six historical mysteries, Bondeson’s investigative skills unmask famous pretenders and notorious imposters. His solutions are based on medical ...Read Review

Meadow Lark

By Mary Peace Finley - Published 2003


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Leaving her home in Taos, Mexico, to join a wagon train in search of her brother, Meadow Lark’s resourceful 1845 heroine is thirteen-year-old ...Read Review