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The Book Of Shadows

By James Reese - Published 2002


Reese has wrought a tale of old century gothic combined with an Anne Rice-ish erotica, which is a catalyst for his small cast ...Read Review

The Bartered Bride

By Mary Jo Putney - Published 2002



This novel, joining The Wild Child and The China Bride as the final installment in the Bride Trilogy, combines passion with suspense as ...Read Review

Rivers Of Gold

By Tracie Peterson - Published 2002



Miranda Colton awakens in a stranger’s cabin after being washed overboard on a trip to the Yukon in 1898. During her recuperation, the ...Read Review

The White Crow

By Cynthia Peale - Published 2002



The belief in spiritualism has found a ready audience amongst the upper echelons of society in late nineteenth century Boston. Having lost her ...Read Review

Symptoms Of Death

By Paula Paul - Published 2002



The time period of this first mystery solved by Dr. Alexandra Gladstone is never stated, but it’s definitely England, and a reference ...Read Review

The Running Iron

By Lauran Paine - Published 2000Published 2002



Lauran Paine isn’t a household name, but over the past 50 years he’s been a small powerhouse in the world of traditional ...Read Review

Sin Killer

By Larry McMurty - Published 2002



A whim, it was, that led the large Berrybender family to pack up and leave England, a fancy, that is, to travel west ...Read Review

Lee At Chattanooga

By Dennis P. McIntire - Published 2002


Alternate HistoryMilitary

Subtitled “A Novel of What Might Have Been,” this story is just that. The author revisits one of the South’s most perplexing ...Read Review

Aindreas: The Scribe, 1865

By Gerald McDaniel - Published 2002


Sequels are difficult to write, but McDaniel has admirably met the challenge–for the most part. The Scribe-1865, a worthy second entry in ...Read Review

Aindreas, The Messenger: Louisville, Kentucky, 1855

By Gerald McDaniel - Published 2000


He’s poor, Irish, epileptic, thirteen years old, and brilliant. Aindreas (Andrew) Rivers knows 1855 Louisville, Kentucky from its tenements to its mansions, from ...Read Review