Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

Promise and Honor

By Kim Murphy - Published 2003



Amanda Graham is widowed when her Confederate husband dies a hero’s death on the battlefield of Manassas at the outbreak of the ...Read Review

The Wedding Escape

By Karyn Monk - Published 2003



It is late summer, 1883, and Jack Kent is waiting for the wedding he is attending to begin. When boredom overtakes him, he decides ...Read Review

The Wandering Hill

By Larry McMurtry - Published 2003



Larry McMurtry’s Berrybenders continue to serve as the quintessential 19th century standard of a dysfunctional family. First introduced in Sin Killer, our ...Read Review

Sweet Grass

By Dee Marvine - Published 2003



In 1886, an unmarried woman was not entirely welcome when her widowed father took a new wife, or so Lili Tornquist felt. When her ...Read Review

A Good Soldier

By Jeffrey Marks - Published 2003



Ulysses S. Grant as a detective? The greatest military commander of the American Civil War, and one of the worst presidents in American ...Read Review

My Sherlock Holmes: Untold Stories of the Great Detective

By Michael Kurland (ed.) - Published 2003


Mystery/CrimeShort Stories

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is one of literature’s most memorable characters. This is a collection of thirteen short stories ...Read Review

Song from the Sea

By Katherine Kingsley - Published 2003



A delightful romance set in Regency England, Song from the Sea has all the classic Regency elements: a winsome heroine and a brooding ...Read Review

Here’s to the Ladies: Stories of the Frontier Army

By Carla Kelly - Published 2003


LiteraryShort StoriesWestern

Spur-winning author Carla Kelly weaves a collection of nine stories that pay tribute to characters invariably overlooked in official records of the US ...Read Review

Let Loose the Dogs

By Maureen Jennings - Published 2003



This is the 4th book in Jennings’ mystery series set in late 19th century Toronto, featuring Acting Detective William Murdoch. Murdoch’s family ...Read Review

Only Call Us Faithful

By Marie Jakober - Published 2002


Biographical FictionThriller

Elizabeth Van Lew was a resident of Richmond, Virginia, during the War Between the States. Richmond and its citizens were the very epitome ...Read Review