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Wildflowers of Terezin

By Robert Elmer - Published 2010



In Denmark in 1943, Pastor Steffen Peterson, riding his cherished bicycle to visit a parishioner, instead ends up in the middle of a street ...Read Review

Stettin Station

By David Downing - Published 2010



This third in a series finds Anglo-American John Russell with his days in Berlin clearly numbered. Although Nazi Germany is victorious on all ...Read Review

Hirschfeld’s Friends

By Michael Dean - Published 2010


Hans-Max Hirschfeld is Secretary General for Trade and Industry in the Netherlands in 1941, while it is occupied by the Nazis despite their declaration ...Read Review

The Lightkeeper’s Daughter

By Colleen Coble - Published 2010



In the early 1900s, a spunky young woman called Addie lives in a lighthouse on a remote California island. She’s alone except ...Read Review

The Day the Falls Stood Still

By Cathy Marie Buchanan - Published 2010



1915, Niagara Falls, Canada. This carefully crafted story illuminates both the pre-war status quo – a world where well-brought-up young ladies, like Bess Heath, are ...Read Review

Tangled Web

By Lee Rowan - Published 2009



It’s 1816 in Regency London, and sodomy is a hanging offense. This is a world in which gentlemen who prefer the company of ...Read Review

The Last Rendezvous

By Anne Plantagenet - By Willard Wood - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Although this novel of early 19th-century France may have been a prize-winner in its original French, it is a slow, hard slog in ...Read Review

Dearest Cousin Jane

By Jill Pitkeathley - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Based on the life of Eliza Hancock, cousin to Jane Austen, Dearest Cousin Jane offers an engaging glimpse into the lives of these 19...Read Review

Jeanie’s Destiny

By Prue Phillipson - Published 2009


Jeanie’s Destiny is set in 1870 on the coast of Galloway in Scotland. The book opens when the heroine is sixteen years old. ...Read Review

A Play of Treachery

By Margaret Frazer - Published 2009



As an actor with a traveling company, Joliffe has played many roles. But when the Bishop Beaufort asks him to play the spy, ...Read Review