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Get Along, Little Dogies: The Chisholm Trail Diary of Hallie Lou Wells

By Lisa Waller Rogers - Published 2001Published 2010


Children/Young AdultWestern

Hallie, a rancher’s daughter in 1878 Texas, thinks it’s unfair that only boys are allowed to go on cattle drives. But a ...Read Review

Take Me With You

By Carolyn Marsden - Published 2010


Children/Young Adult

Marsden used reminiscences of an Italian friend who grew up in similar circumstances to lend authenticity to this story of two girls being ...Read Review

The Wonder of Charlie Anne

By Kimberly Newton Fusco - Published 2010


Children/Young Adult

Charlie Anne’s mother has died in childbirth, and the Depression has forced her father to go north to find a job. Charlie ...Read Review

A Kiss for Cade

By Lori Copeland - Published 2010



Left with her dead friend’s four children on her hands in 1885 Kansas, Zoe Bradshaw is not anxious to contact their uncle. Cade ...Read Review

Scattered Petals

By Amanda Cabot - Published 2010



Priscilla Morton talks her parents into accompanying her to 1850s Ladreville, Texas to attend a family wedding. But she gets more adventure than ...Read Review

A Little Folly

By Jude Morgan - Published 2010Published 2013



Louisa and Valentine Carnell have lived a constrained life under the domination of a strict and old-fashioned father. On his death they decide ...Read Review

The Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno

By Ellen Bryson - Published 2010



In 1865, the complacent Bartholomew Fortuno, billed as the World’s Thinnest Man by P.T. Barnum, enjoys his life as one of Barnum’...Read Review

Kabbalah of Stone

By Irene Reti - Published 2010


Kabbalah of Stone primarily takes place in 1491 in Girona, Spain, and follows the story of Domingo Fontclara, a scribe with a secret Jewish ...Read Review

Paris 1934: Victory in Retreat

By Paul A. Myers - Published 2009


Sandrine Durand is a budding young journalist and student covering a series of political uprisings in Paris in 1934. Fresh and flirtatious, Sandrine’s ...Read Review

Watch the Hour

By J. R. Lindermuth - Published 2009


J. R. Lindermuth’s latest novel is a page-turning yarn of 19th-century Pennsylvania coal towns and the conflict between the mine owners and ...Read Review