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America’s Forgotten Founding Father: A Novel Based on the Life of Filippo Mazzei

By Rosanne Welch - Published 2018


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

“I have never wished anyone to ask, ‘Why is Mazzei here?’ but rather, ‘Why is Mazzei not here?’” The quote attributed to Filippo ...Read Review

Inventing Victoria

By Tonya Bolden - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Essie’s life with her mother and “aunties” in the saltbox house on Minis Street is tough, with “uncles” coming and going at ...Read Review

Paper Wife

By Laila Ibrahim - Published 2018


Think about having to leave your country with a different identity. Your success or failure on entering a new nation depends on a ...Read Review

A Thousand Devils (Max Heller, Dresden Detective)

By Frank Goldammer - By Steve Anderson (trans.) - Published 2018



Two years after the Dresden firebombing and his investigation of the Fright Man, German police detective Max Heller must solve a series of ...Read Review

A Bad Place to Die (A Tennessee Smith Western)

By Easy Jackson - Published 2018



Life for Tennessee Smith (‘Tennie’) has more than its share of pitfalls. Orphaned at a young age, she manages to escape an attempted ...Read Review


By Bonnie Hobbs - Published 2019



Her name was Molly. “Just Molly. The other name is Pa’s and I don’t want it.” She lies on a bed ...Read Review

The Murder of Harriet Monckton

By Elizabeth Haynes - By Elizabeth Haynes (author) - Published 2018



This classic tale drops you straight into 1843, the early Victorian era, when unmarried women evidently became pregnant on their own. Men, even the ...Read Review

The Girl From Pit Lane

By Gracie Hart - Published 2018


Though set in a different geographical setting (a pit village near Leeds), Gracie Hart’s story follows Catherine Cookson’s lead, describing two ...Read Review

From the Realm of Time: A Novel of The Fourth Century Roman Empire

By Scott Douglas Prill - Published 2018



Late in the 4th century CE, Rome faces many enemies on its northern frontiers and is losing too many battles. General Marcus Augustus ...Read Review

The Blood of Rome (Eagles of the Empire 17)

By Simon Scarrow - Published 2018



AD 55. When King Rhadamistus, ambitious, ruthless, cruel, and an ally of Rome, is ousted from Armenia, General Corbulo is tasked by the Emperor ...Read Review