Over the Edge

Written by Mary Connealy
Review by Cindy Vallar

The horrors of the Civil War and a Confederate prison camp reawaken Seth Kincaid’s emotional scars from a childhood fire. He also suffers from gaps in his memory, which explains why he doesn’t recognize the woman who tries to shoot him. A decade after the war, Callie wonders if her husband is still alive. With her father dead, her brother gone, a son to raise, and nowhere to live, she heads for the Kincaid ranch in Colorado. If Seth’s alive, can she trust him not to disappear again?

While a stagecoach robbery reunites them, an unexpected addition to the Kincaid family and Seth’s craziness threaten to tear asunder the few threads that still bind them. Then Callie is kidnapped and only he can save her, but that requires his return to the cave where the fire happened.

Third in The Kincaid Brothers series, Over the Edge is fast-paced and humorous at times, poignant at others. Callie’s strength and rugged determination and Seth’s internal struggle with inner demons enrich the depth of these characters. The numerous subplots of the story may overwhelm newcomers to this inspirational series, but Connealy neatly weaves the threads to a satisfying and enjoyable conclusion.