Outlaw Sword

Written by J. Ardian Lee
Review by Tracey Callison

In this sequel to Son of the Sword (Ace, 2001), Dylan Matheson again finds himself in eighteenth century Scotland on a mission. This time, his goal is not to save Scotland from the English (although that’s certainly what the fairy who brought him back in time would like), but to save his true love Cait, and the son he has never seen, from the dark fate that awaits them in the pages of history.

Readers hoping for more brushes with characters from history will be disappointed, as Dylan’s concerns in this book are mainly to rescue Cait and their son, and attempt to stay clear of the price on his head set by the English. However, those who enjoyed her compelling characters (Dylan in particular is flawed yet lovable) and the realistic setting of the 18th century will find both in abundance. Dylan’s quest takes him from the bustle of Edinburgh to the wilds of the Highlands, and details about the harshness and beauty of life in the 18th century, without modern conveniences or medicine, are not spared. This is decidedly a sequel and doesn’t stand alone; just as obviously, there will be others in the series. At least, one hopes so.