One Perfect Gift

Written by Kathleen Morgan
Review by Rebecca Roberts

Jessica Ashmore, a penniless widow, has brought her young daughter to the Colorado high plains in 1933. Jessica hopes for employment as an office nurse, but all she finds is a temporary position taking care of a stroke victim, Abby MacKay, at the Culdee Creek Ranch. Abby’s son Sean, an embittered WWI veteran who many view as a coward and deserter, is not pleased with the arrangement, and he doesn’t hide it very well. Sean is afraid of letting someone new into his life, and he fears Jessica will leave as soon as he grows to care for her. But Christmas is a time of love and forgiveness, and their antagonism starts to give way to far deeper feelings.

This is a gentle, sweet, cozy story, spiced with just the right amount of inspiration and romance. While focusing more on personal conflicts than historical detail, Morgan still portrays life on a 1930s ranch in a well-written and engaging manner. The novel is short, but the moral of the story long. An endearing tale, One Perfect Gift is the perfect way to spend a pleasant afternoon.