Once Again a Bride

Written by Jane Ashford
Review by Liz Allenby

During the British Regency, Charlotte Rutherford Wylde has been married off at age 18 to Henry Wylde, a man 30 years her senior. Rather than treasuring and protecting her, Henry treats his young wife as “troublesome baggage,” critical of everything she does. Henry collects ancient Roman artifacts, and Charlotte remarks that much of the house is like a museum. Indeed, Henry’s frequent evening absences lead Charlotte to think she is one of his museum pieces to be put on the shelf.

After Henry is killed mysteriously by footpads, Charlotte and her maid Lucy fall under the protection of Henry’s nephew Alexander and his family of sisters. Ethan, Alexander’s footman, falls in love with Lucy, as all parties are involved with the Bow Street Runners during the investigation of Henry’s murder. More than one surprising twist at the end is revealed as Alexander and Charlotte find their mutual distrust and animosity turning gradually to something much more enduring – love.

Jane Ashford’s characters are true to their times, yet they radiate the freshness of today. After 10 years, we finally hear again from the bestselling author of 18 delightful Regency novels.