The Number of Love (The Codebreakers)

Written by Roseanna M. White
Review by Lauren Miller

In the shadowy world of Room 40, England’s brightest minds work tirelessly to crack German intelligence that could give a strategic edge during the Great War. One of these codebreakers is the brilliant and beautiful Margot De Wilde, a Belgian refugee who sees the world in formulas and numbers. Love doesn’t factor into the equation when injured soldier, Drake Elton, appears in her life. But when the home-front becomes a war zone, Margot and Drake must work together to decipher enemy secrets to protect what they hold dearest.

In this first in a new series by Roseanna M. White, her loyal readers will recognize cameos by old friends. Experience the mystery, romance, and danger of WWI with a dash of levity, in an inspirational novel about discernment and courage. White also includes discussion questions for book clubs and families. Fans of The Bletchley Circle and The Imitation Game will appreciate this novel look at the lives of the previous generation of codebreakers and analysts who aided the war effort.