Now and Forever

Written by Mary Connealy
Review by Cindy Vallar

Mountain man Matt Tucker, who lives in the Dakota Territory, should pay attention to the trail, but a woman distracts him. Which is how he tangles with a mama grizzly. She swats him off the mountain then chases after him. Which is how he encounters Shannon Wilde, his distracter. With nowhere left to run, they jump into the Slaughter River. Shannon’s Civil War survival and medical training kick in, and she snags a branch that leads her to a cave. Once she gets Matt out of the water and splints his broken leg, they explore the cave, hoping to find a way back to civilization.

The rescue party, including a preacher-mountain man, insists the pair wed since they’ve spent the past five days alone. Matt likes the idea, but Shannon needs more convincing. Mountain man and sheep farmer aren’t compatible. But those problems seem small once someone begins trying to force Shannon off her property no matter who gets hurt.

From first page to last, book two in the Wild at Heart series is a hoot! Connealy tackles the serious and the comical with equal aplomb, while her characters tug at heart strings. This great inspirational romance doesn’t disappoint.