Not the Kind of Earl You Marry (The Unconventional Ladies of Mayfair, 1)

Written by Kate Pembrooke
Review by Ray Thompson

Miss Charlotte Hurst is enjoying a tranquil breakfast with her brother when the Earl of Norwood bursts in and demands an explanation for the announcement of their betrothal in the newspaper. Angered at his arrogant assumption that she is responsible for an attempt to trap a man of fortune and title into marriage, she not only denies it, but informs him that she is “more interested in the content of a man’s character than the contents of his purse… you’re not a man I would ever choose to marry.”

Readers familiar with Pride and Prejudice will recognize immediately that these two are destined to fall in love and wed, but of course the challenge is to make this process both credible and entertaining. Pembrooke succeeds. To avoid a scandal which would damage the reputation of both parties, Charlotte reluctantly agrees to a temporary betrothal, but as they spend time together, the couple discover attractive qualities in each other and increasingly their feelings become engaged. Marriage prospects are derailed when the villain strikes again with the threat of blackmail, but the pair rise to the challenge and earn the happy outcome. Warmly recommended.