No Woman So Fair

Written by Gilbert Morris
Review by India Edghill

Book two in the Lions of Judah series, No Woman So Fair is yet another retelling of the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah. A beautiful, strong-willed woman, Sarah waits for the man who can engage not only her heart, but also her mind and faith. When she marries Abraham, his quest to serve the unknown god he calls the Eternal One becomes hers as well. God has promised that they will be the mother and father of nations, yet years pass and Sarah remains barren. But their faith in the Eternal One’s promise remains strong, and is rewarded at last – only to be put to the ultimate test when God asks the ultimate sacrifice of them.

No Woman So Fair is basically an expanded version of the story in Genesis; this is no revisionist or feminist re-imaging. This is a competent, workmanlike novel with some enjoyable characterizations (Sarah, as always, is a matriarch to be reckoned with, practical and frequently delightfully tart), and those looking for a solid traditional retelling of the tale of Abraham and Sarah should enjoy this book.