No Place for a Lady

Written by Maggie Brendan
Review by Rachel Richardson

After settling her recently departed father’s debts, Crystal Clark feels there is now little to keep her in her native Georgia. She accepts an invitation to visit her aunt’s cattle ranch. Although impressed by the beauty of the Colorado mountains, she finds the manners of the locals leave something to be desired. Particularly irksome is her aunt’s foreman, the handsome Luke Weber. She takes pains to point out his lack of polish, and he is equally generous with his opinions of the uselessness of pampered southern belles. Crystal cannot understand why Luke brings out the worst in her. Then a freak storm takes her aunt’s life, and a greedy neighbor tries to claim the ranch. Crystal will rely on her faith in God and her own inner strength to do what her aunt would have wanted. Crystal and Luke must quit squabbling if they are to bring out each other’s best. This is an inspirational romance set against the backdrop of a cattle drive in the summer of 1892. The love story is sweet and the faith references are integral to the story. The scenery is lush. The plot is fairly predictable but an enjoyable, well-paced read nevertheless.