No Forgotten Fronts: From Classrooms to Combat

Written by Lisa K. Shapiro
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

As World War II began, Lauren Post, an accessible, dynamic, rope-trick-twirling geography professor at San Diego State University, did a simple thing: he asked his students going into military service to write to him. From every front, from hospitals and even from POW camps, they did. Their beloved “Doc” decided to use excerpts in the Aztec News Letter.  For four years, thanks to volunteers and their contributions of time and funding, Dr. Post sent the publication out around the world. The power of stories and connections… to families, students and even the U.S. Censor’s Office, proved indelible.

The sense of experiencing war firsthand comes through in these pages. Lisa K. Shapiro pulls together a fine narrative and illuminates references. These messages of the heart abound in honesty, humor, loneliness, grief, and love for each other and a teacher regarded as a secular saint. A welcome addition to home front and first-person histories of World War II.