No Clue at the Inn

Written by Kate Kingsbury
Review by Teresa Basinski Eckford

An accomplished writer, Kate Kingsbury continues her Pennyfoot Hotel series with this cozy Christmas read. No Clue at the Inn reunites Cecily Baxter and her husband Hugh with their friends at the hotel in Badgers End, as they step in to help out when its manager is murdered. Things have changed in their absence, so Cecily acquaints herself with the new staff while welcoming the others for a Christmas visit. Though it appears the manager’s death was in fact an accident, Cecily isn’t so sure, especially when an outspoken maid also turns up dead.

Featuring a delightful cast of characters, a well-plotted mystery and suitably detailed and fully developed setting, this holiday mystery transports the reader to early 20th century England. The pacing kept me turning the pages, eager to find out what happened next while the details of everyday life added to the atmosphere. Nor do the interesting subplots detract from the main mystery.

Cecily is an adequate detective, though at times she does seem to be a little too headstrong. Similarly, her husband comes across as rather arrogant. But these are minor quibbles. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed this charming mystery and do not hesitate to recommend it.