Night Watch

Written by Stephen Kendrick
Review by Alycia Harris

Mr. Sherlock Holmes, renowned investigator, has been called to the scene of a mutilated corpse– that of a priest, found in a church hosting a secret meeting between important representatives of the world’s leading faiths. Unfortunately, evidence indicates that the murderer is still within the church among these religious dignitaries.

For the Sherlock Holmes fan, this book is another in a collection of those trying to carry on the Doyle phenomenon. Amazingly, this one works and works well enough to combine another literary, investigating hero–Father Brown. Here is a thriller that effectively combines politics, religion and ethics in 1902 London. Not only has Kendrick managed to reasonably add to the Holmes and Brown sagas, he has done so quite well. The novel draws less on the newly Edwardian time period and more upon the church and religious history. This is not unexpected considering the author is a member of the clergy. Perhaps the admonition to write what you know has served Kendrick well as he draws on his knowledge of the church to enrich the tale. This darkly engrossing, psychological novel will delight the most discriminating fan.

Alycia Harris