Night Hawk

Written by Beverly Jenkins
Review by Nanette Donohue

Former bounty hunter Ian “Preacher” Vance is a hero to many — a striking, half-Scots, half-black man who quotes Bible verses and travels the American West in 1889 seeking justice for the weak. Maggie Freeman is far from weak, but when she is arrested for the murder of a sleazy businessman, Vance offers to deliver her safely to Abilene. He quickly grows to admire Maggie’s spirit, and admiration becomes love as the two make their journey.

Jenkins specializes in historical romance novels featuring people of color, and her books illuminate the struggles of minorities as well as their roles in shaping the history and culture of the United States we know today. The historical aspects of Night Hawk are well-researched, and Jenkins gives her readers ample historical context without turning the novel into a lesson. Her sensitive, engaging portrayals of biracial and Native American characters, combined with a fast-paced plot, make this an excellent read for historical romance lovers.