Newport Summer

Written by Nikki Poppen
Review by Audrey Braver

Gannon Maddox, Earl of Camberly, has everything a gentleman of the ton needs except the money to support all the trappings of an Earl. So, in 1887, on the verge of complete bankruptcy, he sails for America to obtain a rich American bride. At a high- society Newport picnic, he meets Audrey St. Clair, America’s richest heiress, walking barefoot in the surf. Eventually, Gannon confesses his loathsome mission, and Audrey, who really wants a career as a concert pianist, devises a plan to help Gannon obtain his financial goals through investments instead of marriage, providing he agrees to a sham engagement to keep her marriage-minded mother at bay. A good idea, if it works, but sometimes getting what you want has unexpected results.

Nikki Poppen wrote this typical story of the era when American heiresses were marrying impecunious English lords for their titles. The hero and heroine are both likeable characters. It is an enjoyable read.