New Fire


1455 and the Aztec people. Facing their fourth year of drought and famine, the people of Tenochtitlan are desperately hoping that the arrival of the new year will see an end to their struggles. With hundreds of captives taken as sacrifice, surely the gods will listen and see an end to their strife? One young warrior finds himself stuck in the middle of a conspiracy by the high priests; can he survive through the battle and a personal quest to see the end of his goal?

New Fire takes us into the world of the Mexica. I have to say as soon as I received this book I was looking forward to reading it. These are peoples I’ve always had a soft spot for, despite the extreme savagery, this was a civilisation that were incredibly advanced in many ways. Indeed, the author has been extremely adventurous with his subject, the accuracy is incredible and compliments must be given.

It isn’t the easiest book in the world to read however, there are areas where the author jumps between using the Mexica names and the English translation which is, at times, confusing. Neither are the Mexica names easy to read. It also takes a while for the story to get going, leaving you wondering what is actually going to happen and if there is a movement. However, it is definitely worth persevering, for once the story does get going, it bowls along – so hang on for the ride!

The author also manages a nice, almost unnoticed, technique in the writing in that you realise towards the end that you are reading the Mexica names, and understanding exactly who is who without needing the English translation for guidance.

Again, not  the easiest of reads, and not one if you just want an easy read that doesn’t require thought – but definitely a worthwhile read for those who want something interesting to get their teeth into!


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