Never a Gentleman

Written by Eileen Dreyer
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

Readers first met Grace Fairchild, worthy friend and daughter of a general in the Napoleonic Wars, who stalwartly accompanied her father on campaign in Dreyer’s Barely a Lady. Given her persona, it is a bit of a shock to the reader to find Grace waking up in bed with Diccan Hilliard, “the single most elegant man in England.” Actually, it is an incredible shock to Grace, too, as she believes she has just been dreaming of Diccan. And Diccan shares in the surprise. Even though it seems the situation has been machinated by the Lions, enemies of Diccan’s and of England, he is willing to do the right thing and marry Grace. Then follows the story of Grace and Diccan’s growing appreciation of each other, perpetually threatened by Diccan’s actions to uncover the treason of the Lions and to keep Grace safe. Grace, who knows nothing of what is happening, shows incredible inner strength as she faces a multitude of humiliations. Despite the strong element of misunderstanding, which I find annoying in historical romances, Dreyer has written another captivating book in her Drake’s Rakes series. Historical personages and situations add to the strong characterization.