Mysterious Ways

Written by Terry Burns
Review by Viviane Crystal

A conning cowboy is about to be out-conned. After stealing the clothes of a parson and robbing a stagecoach, Amos Turnbuckle moves into a nearby small Texas town. Amos becomes a celebrity, one who is making more money as an inspiring preacher than as a coach robber and con man. But all is not so serene, as one blind black man, Joseph, sees behind Amos’s plans. Add to that one young lady, Judy Valentine, who admits that as her coach was being robbed, she was thrilled by the robber’s sense of adventure and now comes to trust Amos as a man of God who can help her curb her unruly passions. A fast-paced western with guns, booze, small town justice, romance, mystery and inspiration, Mysterious Ways is a great story for those who love a complex plot, plenty of action and conflicting dialogue, and an old-fashioned, light, Western tale.