My Secret Protector

Written by Pam Binder
Review by Pat Maynard

William McAlpin is an immortal, destined to live throughout eternity unless one of his enemies manages to decapitate him – the only sure death for members of his race. In addition, William is a Protector, born into an elite group within his race to uphold their laws. Although living in the present disguised as a smoke jumper, William is sent back to 16th century England. His mission: to capture and bring back Bartholomew, a renegade immortal determined to change the course of history. To accomplish this, Bartholomew must keep Bloody Mary alive so that her half-sister, Elizabeth, does not ascend to the throne. This was a light, simplistic historical fantasy novel requiring little, if any, concentration. Aside from being set in Queen Mary’s court on occasion, history is almost nonexistent in the overall storyline. I found it to be a very mediocre read.