My Ruthless Prince

Written by Gaelen Foley
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1816, Drake, the Earl of Westwood has always fought for good as part of the Inferno Club. But then the evil Prometheus cult captured him, tortured him, and turned him into a traitor. Enter fiercely loyal Emily Harper, who tracks her longtime friend to the Prometheus stronghold in Bavaria, determined to prove his innocence. Of course Drake is really out to destroy the malevolent organization from the inside, and only has revenge on his mind (until Emily shows up, that is). Torn between protecting Emily from the evil goings on, and his lust for revenge (and Emily), Drake must come up with a plan to do both, and salvage his reputation.

Only pick up this book if you are in the mood for light historical romance with a melodramatic heroine and a broken hero. With over-the-top characters (archetypal brawny, macho hero and stereotypical beautifully devoted heroine), dramatic situations, and typical passionate interludes, this story verges on the ridiculous. That said, however, if you are looking for true escapism, you can definitely find it in My Ruthless Prince. Good for fluff, not for historical value.