My Pleasure

Written by Connie Brockway
Review by Audrey Braver

In My Pleasure, the second in a trilogy about the Nash sisters, Ramsay Munro, bastard, adventurer, and swordsman par excellence, fulfills his vow to protect Colonel Nash’s daughters. The colonel died while rescuing Ram from Napoleon’s guillotine. Keeping his promise is almost an impossible feat when beautiful Helena Nash persists in masquerading as a man and frequenting questionable parts of London at night. When Helena began her nocturnal forays as a go-between for separated lovers, she had no idea how exciting it would be. However, Helena has a stalker. She goes to Ram to learn fencing to defend herself. He is concerned because she refuses to confide in him, which she can’t do without breaking a promise to her dearest friend. Ram has the obvious villain, Helena’s unwanted, thwarted suitor, watched, unaware that the real enemy is one of his own.

Ms. Brockway tells a compelling story of romantic intrigue. The hero and heroine are an exciting, intelligent couple. Even though the author takes poetic license with the geography of London and the order of precedence of the British aristocracy, My Pleasure is a delightful book.