My Interview with Beethoven

Written by L. A. Hider Jones
Review by Viviane Crystal

Young journalist George Thompson lives an unhappy life. His father despises his mother, and she is mentally shattered. In one of their ensuing arguments, George learns that his so-called father is not his real father. Is it Ludwig von Beethoven? His mother neither admits nor denies her son’s question but tells him to go to Vienna and interview the great musician. This becomes George’s obsession, and he travels to Vienna for an interview about which he plans to write an in-depth article or series of articles. What he finds there is an eye-opening, thrilling experience.

The great musician was not always so beloved in his country. In fact, this novel portrays him as a creative genius bordering on madness. His descent into deafness is torturous, and his relationships with women are tumultuous as well. George’s love life parallels that of Beethoven. Politics also plays a huge part in almost destroying Beethoven’s rise to fame. My Interview with Beethoven is rife with fact and fiction that creates a vivid, wild, beautiful and memorable historical novel.