My Highland Rebel: Highlander Trouble

Written by Amanda Forester
Review by Rebecca Henderson Palmer

In the Scottish Highlands in 1362, Lady Jyne Campbell, the youngest girl of 15 children, seeks the independence and adventure she never had growing up. Cormac MacLean, the only son of notorious Highland warlord Red Rex, is an enormous disappointment to his father, who would rather Cormac’s attentions shift from books to plunder. Lady Jyne and Cormac cross paths when his men lay siege to the castle where she is tending the downtrodden. Cormac ends up playing two roles to hide his true identity, but his ruse cannot last as he and Jyne fall in love. Jyne and Core fill the standard roles that you’d find in any other Highland romance, but they share a tenderness that is charming. Secondary characters Breanna and Luke added a different dimension to the tale—I only wish they had been used more. A reader won’t find much in the way of historical detail or plot twists, but fans looking for a reliable romance to read by a fire will not disappointed.