My Bonny Light Horseman: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, in Love and War

Written by L. A. Meyer
Review by Lisa Ann Verge

In this sixth installment of the Bloody Jack Adventures, Jacky Faber, the infamous Napoleonic-era sixteen-year-old, finds herself in the thick of battle.

Jacky, having survived her Mississippi adventures, waits for the return of her long-suffering Jaime by growing the fortunes of Jacky Faber Shipping. While on a trading voyage, she is captured by the British Navy. Her captors set sail for London, where she’s sure to be hanged as a pirate, but the warship is captured in turn by the French—who want Jacky dead, as well. Forced into disguise, Jacky manages to escape a date with Dr. Guillotine—only to find herself (through one of L.A. Meyer’s wonderfully convoluted plot twists) in still deeper trouble with British Intelligence. Blackmailed into working as a spy, Jacky disguises herself as a soldier in order to join the French army, where she is expected to intercept sensitive military dispatches and deliver that information to the British. However, when the real battles begin, Jacky must make a serious decision: Where does her loyalty lie—with her country, or with her friends?

My Bonny Light Horseman is another lively, page-turning installment of the Bloody Jack Adventures. The always reckless, always charming Jacky has become a confident, skilled, and strong young woman. Can Jacky and Jaime finally make good the promises they’ve made to one another? And can a woman like Jacky ever settle down? In L.A. Meyer’s skilled hands, anything is possible.