My American Duchess

Written by Eloisa James
Review by Monica E. Spence

It’s 1803, and heiress Merry Pelford is a jilter. Worse yet, she is an adventuresome, garden-loving, impertinent American. This runaway bride has two discarded fiancés in Boston and is desperate to make the third a charm in England. However, the more she discovers about her betrothed, Lord Cedric Allardyce, the less she likes him. And why must she be so attracted to her fiancé’s twin brother? Even with her discovery that Cedric’s flaws are too much for her, she must honor her promise to marry him, or her shaky reputation will be completely destroyed.

A balcony encounter with Merry has the wealthy, marriage-minded Duke of Trent, Octavius Mortimer John Allardyce, vowing he will have her as his wife, only to discover his ne’er-do-well twin has claimed her – and her vast fortune – for himself.

At stake in this battle of honor vs. passion is the future of Trent’s family. Can Cedric release his hold on his betrothed’s much-needed fortune? Will Merry’s heart lead her to her true love? Can Trent compromise his honor in order to have Merry? Can good sense suppress their emotions? Or will they find the truth in Shakespeare’s quote: “Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?”  Well done. Recommended.