Muskrat Hill

Written by Easy Jackson
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

This mystery takes place in the small Texas town of Muskrat Hill in the late 19th century. Young Kit Robertson and his best friend, Whitey, stumble upon the mutilated body of a young woman. Kit’s father, Pope, a former Texas Ranger, and the local marshal, Asa Jenkins, who is half-white and half-Comanche, are brought into the investigation. At first, no one knows the young woman’s identity. As the killer strikes repeatedly, the people in the town become scared and begin to blame anyone who is different.

At the beginning of the book, Kit is presented as an adult who is approached by Giselle, who is posing as a writer for Real West magazine, for a story about the grisly murders that occurred in Muskrat Hill, where they both grew up. This slowly paced story builds until the final pages as the various clues to the killings take shape. The reader is compelled to continue reading until the final page and satisfying end as Kit’s story comes to a surprising conclusion.