Murder on the Minnesota

Written by Conrad Allen
Review by Alycia Harris

George Dillman and Genevieve Masefield have already made a name for themselves as shipboard detectives with the Cunard Lines. Now they are invited to be detectives aboard the Minnesota bound for Japan and China. However, hopes for smooth sailing are soon dashed when a priest is murdered. Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the problems the sleuths will face.

The setting is so well described and provocative that the reader will be ready to sign up for a cruise – if only they made them like they used to. The story is set in the early part of the 20th century when sailing was the means of traveling to distant lands. Not only were the destinations exotic, but the voyages were exotic as well. Lavish descriptions of characters, their lifestyles, the ship, and more, transport the reader on board and into the midst of the excitement. Even the individual characters are developed with the richness of the period.

The excellent treatment of the historical period through vivid descriptions and details would make a great book no matter what the plot. Thankfully, the mystery story is well developed and wonderfully complemented with historical details. While it may not be the greatest mystery story ever written, it certainly holds reader interest and instills excitement from start to finish.