Murder in the Afternoon: A Kate Shackleton Mystery

Written by Frances Brody
Review by Susan McDuffie

A mysterious woman wakes World War I widow and detective Kate Shackleton in the night. Mary Jane, Kate’s visitor, states her husband has gone missing. Although Mary Jane’s daughter, Harriet, reported finding her father’s body at the quarry where he worked, searchers returned a few minutes later and found no corpse. Has Harriet’s father run off? Was he murdered? The case becomes more complicated for Kate, adopted as an infant, when she learns Mary Jane is her biological sister. Mary Jane is suspected of the murder of her husband, and Kate works to clear her.

Murder in the Afternoon is an enjoyable, well-written mystery. It will resonate with the many readers who enjoy a good, classic mystery and with historical fiction fans of the post-WWI era. This book, the third in the series, stands well on its own, but I grew curious to learn more about Kate’s previous life and cases. Her ongoing romance with a policeman and well-developed personal conflicts make Kate an intriguing heroine, one I’ll look forward to following in the future.