Murder at the Brightwell

Written by Ashley Weaver
Review by Chiara Prezzavento

This novel immerses the reader in a glamorous and gripping tale of murder and society gossip set in the 1930s. Just as Milo, Amory Ames’s roguish husband, arrives unexpectedly from Monte Carlo, Gil, her ex-fiancé, asks her to go to the Brightwell Hotel and help him convince his sister, who is vacationing with her fiancé, Rupert, to break off her engagement. Of course, Gil hasn’t gotten over Amory, but, as a gentleman, he will not act on his feelings. Amory decides to go, despite the likelihood of scandal, and, to her chagrin, finds that Milo decides to go as well. After Rupert ends up dead and Gil becomes the prime suspect, Amory dives in and tries to solve the murder(s) herself.

With a few unexpected twists and turns and a delightful cast of characters, this is a very enjoyable book. If you like your murder served up on a silver platter with a side of romance and an abundance of wit, this book is for you. I’m hoping we will see more of Amory Ames in the future.