Much Ado About Love

Written by Malia Martin
Review by Steve Lewis

William Shakespeare’s plays may have been written by a number of other people, or so it’s claimed, but the premise of Malia Martin’s latest historical romance may outdo them all. Would you believe that Shakespeare was a woman?

And that she is the key to a good deal of intrigue in Queen Elizabeth’s court? Sent on the queen’s behalf to bring the famous playwright to the palace is her most loyal agent, Sir Ian Terrace, who quickly discovers Shakespeare’s secret. The couple also fall madly in lust. (There is no other way to phrase this.)

Midst mutual flights of sexual fancy, the two have many adventures, captures and escapes. A light-hearted effort, for the most part, not to be taken too seriously, with speech patterns ranging from authentic Shakespearean dialogue to contemporary American colloquialisms.

As for me, the answer to my first question is a semi-qualified “No, but I’m willing to listen.” If there were a market for a book like this without the lusty parts, and with an editor that could help her, the author may have had a real novel on her hands.